Today is 20th June. A lovely day in all ways because long ago on this glorious day, a star was born – 24 years ago to be exact. We have known each other for the better part of a decade and our friendship has nurtured and grown over the years into something that we will cherish forever.

I do not exactly remember how and when we became friends. We were in the same school and then in 9th and 10th we became good friends. I think it was Mrs. Simpson’s tuition where we first bonded together. We hung out together, had lunch together at the school basketball court, used to return from school together and did a lot of group-studies together. I fondly remember the time all of us prepared for Mathematics Pre-Board exam at your home and all the preparations we did at my home. All those were good times that became the bricks in our friendship that has been growing ever since.

I vividly remember the blue cycle that you had (I am unable to remember the name) which you rode to everywhere you went.  You were definitely the best cyclist or rather the one who has covered the most distance on bicycle in school by a mile. The amount of water you drink is something which I can never forget. And of course how can I forget the perennial bald look because of your biannual visits to Tirupati!

The way you have built your career from Engineering to this point is something people can learn from and I am sure you made your parents very proud. Right from the beginning starting from Engineering through cracking GRE and completing MS to finally working now, you have come along a long way. Your dedication towards everything you do, your perseverance to achieve your goals, your free-spirited smile and last but not the least, your love and warmth for your friends are qualities I admire a lot.

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Anvesh

You are a wonderful human being and truly an amazing friend. Have a blast and always live your life. We have got only one life and it is short. So, make the most of it and have a bright future ahead.


P.S. Thank you for always being there for me.