Copied Soul

There is this kind of love, the kind where two individuals cross paths, get to know one another and are in the process of liking each other. One of the two confesses their feelings to the other person and the other person takes time, be it pretty short or pretty long to think about it, and then makes a commitment. With time, the relationship blossoms into everlasting love or they part ways, shed a few tears and the search for love goes on. At every step, as they discover each other, they either come closer or separate a little bit more. This kind of love finally lives and dies by the individuals’ evolution with age, distance between their settlement, changing life and career priorities and how the couple reacts to them. 

Then there is our kind of love. The kind where all the above phases cease to exist. The kind where one conversation with the person and you know this is the one you have waited for all your life. There are no assessments, no time requirements and no compatibility checks. Everything naturally falls into place like a glove fits a hand. The innumerable similarities, the unwavering trust, the telepathic connection, the feeling of having known them for a really long time and the completeness one feels with the other makes one realize that this is how it’s meant to be all along. This is the kind where the very shattered part of our soul is mended and every void is filled, and the soul becomes seamless like rays of the sun. 
For this is when you have found the One.
For this is when you are Soulmated!

 Thank you Antara for the background and editing! You are the best 🙂 Thanks for always being there 🙂

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