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Bahu turns One!

Today’s post on “What a Lovely Day” is about those tiny feet who has entered our lives and changed it forever.

On the midnight of 3rd July 2015, my sister started getting birth pangs and we took her to the hospital and waited for the most beautiful thing to occur – a new life entering this world. All of our family waiting with nervous excitement in the wee hours of the morning for the big moment. And finally when he did make his grandiose entry into our world, the delight in seeing him was out of this world. There cannot be a sweeter thing than seeing a new-born baby look at the world with big black eyes. There just cannot be.

As I saw him for the first time, my eyes welled up in joy and a sense of sheer happiness came over me. And then the nervousness began. I had never ever held a baby before. Never. Until July 4th 2015. Until that day, I had never held or carried a baby ever. I was always worried I would hurt them or even worse drop them. So I abstained from ever holding a baby. When my sister asked me to hold the baby, I was unsure. I told her the same but she told me to go ahead. I picked up the baby with extreme caution and when I looked into his blissfully smiling face, all my nervousness vanished away. All it took was for me to feel the touch of the new-born and feel him in my arms, looking back at me with those big, black eyes. That is a feeling I will never forget. My nephew.

I gave him the moniker “Bahu” from the Baahubali hype all around and every moment I spent with him till he left gave me some of the sweetest memories of my life. Just by looking at him, I could forget all my worries and smile. Staying up with him all night while he sleeps on my lap, showing him different places, playing with him then and also when he came to India this year, having the privilege to be the first person to cut his hair are some of the many joys he has given me.

Today you are turning One and I would like to wish you –

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Samendu!

 You are the baby angel that came into our lives and made our lives a lot more happier. As you enter year two, I wish for you to make your mom go mad and admire your already outstanding skills and abilities a lot more. And I wish for you to keep that smile on your father’s face that has not stopped since this day last year. I still remember him telling me that becoming a father is the best feeling in the world and advised me to get married soon for the same. That feeling he felt is all because of you. You have such an amazing parents who will always love you. Always remember that.


P.S. I love you too!

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    • Haha! So much happened in a few hours that night. I can never forget that. Maybe a story can be written. This is shorter version. I will never forget the happiness I saw in your eyes and the words you told me that day. I love him a lot too!!


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