26th Anniversary Wishes!

I would like to start straight away by saying Thank You for everything you both have done for me and everyone else. I am so lucky to have you as my parents. Everything I am today is because of you both first. Every good quality, every success, every brave step and the way I love is all because of what you have taught me right from childhood.

All my values are all that you have taught me. I know there are a lot of times that we have arguments, I do things you would not want me to do. But there is not even a single time when I have not pondered later about what you have told me and incorporated it into my life.

You both are huge pillars of support, strength and love. The infinite care and unfathomable heartstrength inspires me. You have been with me through thick and thin. Marriages are made in heaven and you both are a living example of that! As you celebrate the 26th year together, I would like to tell you both something I do not tell enough – I love you!

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!!



You are loved a lot by us. Never forget that! We look up to you! We love you!



Author: Saketh Ayyagari

Marketer. Writer. Movie Buff. Superhero Buff. Sports Buff. Actually, it is the other way round! YNWA

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