It was 2012 wasn’t it? The last time I wished you on your birthday! It has been one helluva journey. They were probably the toughest times for our friendship in more ways than one and let’s not go into that. Whatever be the causes, reasons and actions, we are here. We are here which means we have weathered THAT storm. It would not have been possible without you. In fact a number of things in my life would not have been the way they are without you.

I still remember you in 3rd standard, unable to speak English or Telugu while I was unable to speak Hindi and yet somehow wanted to talk to you. I still remember those small things like saving a seat for you in bus, you visiting my home to tie friendship band, me keeping your water bottle that you forgot in bus and giving it back to you the following day and the list goes on.

Since those times in 2000, till the current 2016 we have been through a number of ups and downs and have survived them all. You have been my moral compass since then. The person who went to any length to ensure I turn out to be somewhat decent at least (I hope I am atleast decent 😛 ). From that little girl then to this amazingly strong woman now, you are a true inspiration, a real-life role model and yeah, a beautiful human being. And that my dear Killer, is worthy of celebration every single day, let alone today.


If I could change one thing in our 16 year journey, it would be nothing. No matter how good or bad things were, it made you into this Killer personality. It gave me a friend unlike any other, a friend for life. Even in those times when we were not in touch, you were always in my thoughts. I do not know how our bond went on to be so strong, but I do know you played the major role in that. I am forever indebted and grateful to you for everything. I am blessed to have such a caring, beautiful, compulsive, responsible, loving friend like you.


The above beautiful portrait was made by the damsel herself @Antara!

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P.S. One more thing – A guy and a girl can be best of friends for life. This woman is the biggest reason I can say that. Thank you for friend-zoning me always 😛