Speeding down the unlit, damp road with only a pale head lamp to guide him, he was driving home with hundreds of thoughts dancing inside his head. Just as he arrived at a junction, he was hit by a sudden radiance that seemed to emerge from the middle of nowhere. That radiance was bearing four people on a bike who had switched on the headlight having sensed their mistake on entering the opposite road. On seeing this, his senses became alert and the half-baked thoughts submerged under the adrenaline rush.

He braked hard, hoping to nullify the impending danger without causing the bike to skid. The friction between the brake pad and wheels kicked in, slowing down the vehicle drastically. And then the bike started to wobble on the wet tar. At that moment, a single thought originated from deep within that for now had to lie in wait as his instinct kicked in.

He let go of the front brake for a moment so that the bike could steady itself. As expected the tyres rediscovered their equation with the road and then he clasped the brakes again. This time he was in sync with the bike as he escaped the peril by a whisker. He breathed a sigh of relief and drove on with that thought resurfacing again. He pondered over the thought and a wave of realization dawned on him.

“Life is Now! Live Free and Love Hard!

Be Positive and always express thy Love!

This feeling of enlightenment and completion made him smile as he parked the bike on the roadside to make a phone call.


Note –  To everyone whom I care for and to everyone who care for me –  I love you!