21 Things I love about you!

On the eve of your 21st birthday, I just feel like listing out 21 things about you, that I absolutely love and adore.

So, here we go –

  1. The way you are bold!
  2. The maturity you possess which is beyond your age!
  3. The love with which you scold me!
  4. Those huge and deep eyes!
  5. Your intricate and smooth handwriting!
  6. Your gorgeous hair!
  7. The confidence in your spoken and written English!
  8. The way you love your mom.
  9. The way you fiercely protect your sibling.
  10. The way you love your friends no matter what.
  11. The way you queerly love animals.
  12. Your love for the clouds.
  13. Your love for forests.
  14. Your love for sleep.
  15. Pani Puri!
  16. Traveling in all forms!
  17. The spirit of sport in you!
  18. The rare ability to be happy for others 🙂
  19. Battle scars – So Cool!

Okay, here are the final two!

20. The way you write!!

21. The final one is the biggest thing about you I absolutely love – Your ever-loving heart! The best thing ever!!

P.S. 21 is too less a number to fit all in! The rest will keep on coming at various times down the line 🙂

Keep Writing! Keep Loving!

Live Free and Love Hard!



Author: Saketh Ayyagari

Marketer. Writer. Movie Buff. Superhero Buff. Sports Buff. Actually, it is the other way round! YNWA

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