I would like to thank  Mahesh for nominating me for this interesting challenge 😇 You can visit his musings here – https://awesomengers.wordpress.com/

Well, let’s see how this goes!
A – age : 24

B- biggest fear: Dying without loving enough!

C- current time : 23:00 hrs IST

D- Drink you last had: Water💧

E- Everyday starts with : A phone call from the One

F- Favorite song: Currently “tujh mein rab dikhta hain” from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

G- ghosts are real : Yes! Diana from “Lights Out” says Hi!

H- hometown : The “City of Destiny” Visakhapatnam

I- in love with : Life 😀

J – jealous of: The One’s admirers! Normally what people do or achieve does not make me jealous.

K- killed someone :  Coming soon😂😂😂

L-last time you cried : with the One😭😥😥

M-middle name : Naga Venkata

N- number of siblings : 0

O- one wish : True education to everyone.

P- person you last called : the One

Q – question you’re always asked : Currently, various forms of when am I gonna go to an office and work!!

R- Reason to smile : Life!

S- sounds that irritate me : Any screeching sounds such as chalk on board, nail on wood, etc.

T- time you woke up : 8:00 hrs IST

U – Next question please .. I don’t wanna answer this one😕 U for unnecessary one 😒

V- vacation destination : North-East!

W- worst habit : Currently, burping. Working on it!

X- x-ray you last had : For my thumb, 3 years back.

Y- your favorite food: Mom-made and any Paneer😋😋

Z – zodiac :  Cancer the Crab 😎

My Nominees :