When He saw for the first time, It looked so perfect, smooth and slender. There were a number of things He credited God for, and there definitely were a few similar instances He heard of, but this was the first time He was actually experiencing it.” So simple and yet so exquisite”, He remarked to himself.

In front of the mesmerizing almond-yΒ  gaze, He would always miss it. The grazing of the long locks of Aphrodite against His face makes Him almost forget It’s existence. TheΒ  doorway to Her soul’s schloss lures Him away from It into countless puzzles of love.

But like a pawn on the chess-board, like the roots of a tree, It lives for a pertinent purpose that defines every being’s existence. However, on Her, the most beautiful sculpture in His eyes, It looked so beautiful and yet something was amiss. Something that not only preserves the nimble perfection , but also adds an extra touch of beauty to It.

Finally they had found that added touch, together. Melt in the forge of purity and crafted by the master craftsman himself, it fit seamlessly making the sculpture finer than finest, more beautiful than He had ever seen Her before and making Him fall in love with Her, again.