It has been six years since Naga Chaitanya’s “Ye Maaya Chesave”, also directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon released. It showed the kind of roles Chaitanya suits well for, the common man roles with emotions and sincerity. However, there was much to be left wanting then. After a variety of attempts over the years, he has finally come full circle with Menon’s “Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo”.

The director’s prime motive is to show how one moment in a person’s life can completely change it in ways he/she cannot imagine. A good amount of the first-half is spent on showing the Naga Chaitanya we have known over the years, the regular good-looking guy trying to find his way in life plans to go on a road trip. The narrative is peppered with songs and the editing of “Vellipomakey” deserves a special mention.

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This slow-burn that invokes subtle nostalgia shifts gears at a swift pace from romance to thriller territory once the above mentioned occurs. From that point on, the film becomes its own as the good people get entangled in a survival fight with powers must higher than a common man could fathom. It is from this point that both the movie and Chaitanya show remarkable depth as the thriller races along.

The plot thickens with Baba Sehgal playing a corrupt cop. The previously mellow Chaitanya transforms into a decisive and motivated man when he is pushed into a corner with nowhere to run.The director keeps the screenplay taut to ensure the audience remain hooked  Although the ending is on the simpler side, one leaves the hall having witnessed a fresh and interesting thriller. The director ensures there is time for emotions to come to the surface while the good guys come to term with the situation and losses.


Naga Chaitanya is in his comfort zone as the romantic and wanderlust guy in the first-half. He shows his true acting chops first as the cornered one and later as the brooding, vengeful and brave protagonist with gravitas and maturity. He looks really handsome throughout the film with the beard and in the second-half, he resembles his evergreen dad Nagarjuna in a number of scenes.

The debutant Manjima Mohan makes an impressive debut showing good chemistry with Chaitanya in the first-half and the terror-struck girl in the middle of an unfathomable conspiracy in the second. Baba Sehgal does pretty well as the corrupt cop. A special mention for another debutant who is multi-talented – Rakendu Mouli. He plays the role of hero’s best friend with ease and gets a meaty role. His talents however do not stop there. His name can be seen under the lyricist section as well and he dances comfortably too.


A.R.Rahman composed a few quirky numbers which however still fall short of his blockbusters and the wait for his next chartbuster album continues. His background score is top-notch though as it enhances the viewing experience. Dialogues by Kona Venkat ensure some memorable moments. The movie is laced with doses of humour to lighten up the mood. The director, Gautham Menon pulls all the right strings although one gets the feeling a slightly shorter film would have been even better.

First with “Premam” and now with “Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo”, Naga Chaitanya has carved a niche for himself this year. Now, the challenge is constantly finding scripts with this kind of roles. For now, he has another hit in his bag with a fresh and meaningful thriller.

Overall, Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo” is another top film in the revolution Telugu Film Industry is undergoing this year and is a must watch.