It has been pretty long since I have done a challenge post. So, thank you Karthika for the nomination. I have done an A-Z challenge prior to this, but this is a different one. And I am adding a twist of my own by talking about the A-Z of MY Tigress, instead of mine.

Pardon me for any misspelt words in this post.

So, without further ado, here they come –

A – Always

B – Beautiful (in every way I could hope!)

C – Caring ( mom level and beyond)

D – Dreamer

E – Expressive

F – Foodie

G – Golgappe (Pani Puri)

H – Huggsie

I – Interesting (max)

J – Juve

K – Kompletes

L – Loving (extremely)

M – Mad

N – Nautanki

O -Organized ( or not?)

P – Pinky finger

Q – Queen of Hearts

R – Romantic (a hopeless one too)

S – Sweet (as sweet as a Bong sweet)

T – Tolerant

U – Understanding

V – Very smart

W – Writer extraordinaire (the most beautiful there is)

X – Xerox soul (A very colourful xerox)

Y – Yamotional

Z – Zabardast

Well, it just occurred to me that 26 letters of the alphabet are not sufficient, but then whoever discovered the alphabets must have met someone for whom 26 were sufficient. Not for me for I need more to describe MY Tigress, so some day I will create a new language or extra alphabets!

Coming to my nominations, I nominate



Thanks a lot Karthika for the tag!


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