Romance novels are currently a rage in India and Vikash Sharma enters into the market with his first book, “Les Just Not Be Only Friends”. The first part of a trilogy, Sharma builds a love story between two regular people. While that is the USP as per the book cover, the real strength of the novel lies in the grounded attention to detail. The author definitely is well-verse with the areas the story is set-in and the fallible characters are relatable.
The usage of Hindi lines in between may not be liked by everyone and there are occasional grammatical errors that needs to be corrected in following books. While the characters failed to make me care for them, the story did manage to make me turn the pages. The drawback of the book is that while it is not bad, it ain’t good enough either to stay once it is done. Yet, it did want me to read the second part when it’s out. For a first book, it is a decent start and the second book will show how much Sharma has improved.
Book cover – 3/5
Language – 2.5/5
Overall – 3/5

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