20 minutes left for the morning meeting and I was still at home. After a quick check on Ola and Uber fares, I booked the latter. The ‘7 minutes to arrival’ was ideal, atleast in my head. I got ready, packed my bag and saw a welcome ‘arriving in 2 minutes’ on the app.

Reaching the house’s gate, I heard the familiar sound of an auto engine pierced the pleasant morning quietude. My lips turned into a slight smile, soaking in the cold morning freshness, sprinkled with dashes of sunlight and the thought of making it to the meeting on time.

The auto stopped, I wished the driver ‘Good Morning’ and got in. His face lit up and he reciprocated the greeting. As the three-wheeled vehicle whirred into motion, he told me in Hindi,“Pehli baar kisi ne good morning kaha” (Someone travelling in my auto wished me good morning).

His happiness became more evident as he said, “Bahut acha laga sunke, thank you” (It felt very good hearing the wishes, thank you). While I told him there is no need for thanks, my mind started introspecting.

Mind Palace!

We always keep hearing how little things make people happy. Sometimes we are on the receiving end and other times, it is our turn to give. However, they somehow get lost in the daily hustle and bustle of life.

The happiness on the auto driver’s face just reminded me how we can always spread positivity around. While I always greet the drivers and thank them at the end of each trip, this experience left me with a feeling to internalize this everywhere.

Most of us spend too much time in our own head, be it planning, worrying or just plain thinking. Hence, it is good to peek out and greet the people we meet and interact with. The best part is that it does not take up much time at all. Even better is the happiness both the giver and receiver experience.

So, Good Morning everyone!

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