Last week’s green arrow was short-lived with another big red one this GW. Mohamed Salah’s coming-to-form hat-trick pegged me back in the game as well as mini-leagues. Meanwhile, a real gamble of a transfer and captain pick backfired big time.

Bringing in Mane a couple of GWs back fetched me 1 point in total, disastrous for his price and considering Mo picked up 26 points in the same period. However, I harboured a decent hope on my strikeforce and differentials to get those points.

GW points – 45

GW rank – 4.1 million

Overall points – 909

OR – 413k

Let us take a look at the good parts (yes, there were a few) of the GW.

GW16 points

Robertson continues to be a consistent source of points and clean sheets with Liverpool looking a sturdier defence than City at the moment. Alonso picked up a ‘surprise’ clean sheet considering Chelsea played City.

Felipe Anderson delivered big and so did Snodgrass. Richarlison scored a decent goal against Watford to do his bit.

However, and expectedly, that was not enough. Lacazette got hooked at half-time, Kane (with an eye on Barcelona) and Jimenez were substitutes along with Mane and Ederson dropped another two-pointer. His team-mate Sane was subbed in the second-half too.

After all the ramblings about Lacazette on how he never passes my eye-test as an elite forward like Aubameyang, it came back to haunt me. Unai Emery joined in on the Pep and Klopp bandwagon by subbing him off at half-time.

Lacazette’s failure as a captain is compounded by Hazard’s performance, the player he came in for. The minutes played by every big attacker in the team were drastically less, which should see things become better next week.

So, 45 points with a -8 is a disaster and Bobby’s Teeth hopefully made the cut for the Cup. My GW rank of 4,182,019 is marginally above the specified cut-off rank of 4,194,304. However, if there are more than the aforementioned number of qualifiers, then a random draw is what the FPL site does.

While I wait on the game to sort my Cup future, I am down thinking about my next changes. My primary focus is on Mane/Salah and maybe a Richarlison exit to double up on Spurs.

Stay tuned for the GW17 team piece in a few days.





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