Well, GW16 was a total disaster. You can check out my GW16 review, where I barely managed to get into the FPL Cup. The big guns – Sane, Mane, Kane AND Lacazette failed, while Salah went rampant and Aubameyang picked up an assist.

GW points – 45

GW rank – 4.1 million

Overall points – 909

OR – 413k

FPL GW16 points

The main points to note for the upcoming GWs are Spurs and West Ham’s brilliant form and fixtures along with Arsenal and Chelsea’s shorter run of good fixtures.

Further, Richarlison has two tough games back-to-back and of course, there is the Mohamed Salah conundrum. Let’s start with this.

GW17 player tracker

Salah passes the eye test every time and is generally more involved than Mane in every game he plays. Salah was terrific against Napoli too and the swagger looks to be back. So, I am bringing him back irrespective of the opposition in Manchester United.

While Mane will make way, more funds are necessary and the easiest sacrificial player is Lacazette. My punt on him lasted 45 minutes in GW16 and as I mentioned in my review article, he neither passes the eye test nor do I want to be a part of Emery’s rotation roulette.

So, out go Mane and Lacazette and in comes Salah. This would require a 6 million forward and barring Rondon, I do not see a good option. However, Newcastle fixtures turn from GW19 and personally, do not want to invest in a striker from Benitez’s team.

Thus, the best option is Fulham’s Kamara. Extremely cheap, getting in minutes and even picking up returns. Ranieri’s side have four decent fixtures and Kamara will allow me to upgrade elsewhere.

Fantasy Premier League tracker GW17

Coming to that elsewhere upgrade, doubling up on Spurs looks to be a great option. Between Son and Eriksen, the former is more explosive but the latter is more gametime secure. In the end, getting in Son leaves me with a million ITB (in the bank), which can come in handy this Christmas.

On a side note, I am looking to get in Trippier once he is fit. Along with Kane, this should be a great returning combo. So, in order to get in Son, Richarlison makes way and I will reconsider him after the next 2 GWs.

Fantasy Premier League GW17 team

Thus, this is the team for GW17 with Kamara, AWB and Bennett on the bench. 3-5-2 looks to be a really good way forward for the upcoming fixtures, irrespective of the midfielders you own.

A West Ham triple-up and a Liverpool-Spurs-City double-up is where the money is on. Harry Kane is the obvious captain and I am looking to gain points and rank this GW.

Share your teams in the comments below and we can engage in a constructive discussion.

May your arrows be green.

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