A WhatsApp text woke my phone. I was about to dismiss it as another message from one of the gazillion groups when then I saw the sender’s name. The text was from my mama (uncle).

We normally do not text, talk once in a while but share a great bond. Living under the same roof right until my 12th grade definitely helped.

Then, my world adventure began with college and work. While the warmth always remained, we were not in constant touch anymore. I get all my regular info from mom, who is a great example of maintaining relations.

So, it felt good to text him and after a couple of texts, he asked if I was free. I replied in the affirmative and he called directly. The conversation that ensued was heart-warming, to say the least. Our loved ones always have that effect on us.

Mind Palace!

We are always reminded to stay in touch with our near and dear in various ways. It could be our parents (like mine are), siblings, friends, or even a movie, a quote or just a random event which can urge us to connect.

However, we do not have that much time, is the common reason we tell to pacify ourselves. At the same time, every time we make that call, we end up a little more optimistic, a little more calmer and a whole-lot-of happy at the end of it.

We want to do it but, we do not and again, we sink into our daily groove. There is no doubt we all would happily stay in touch if we lived nearby. However, that is not practically possible in the current world.

Then, should we not invest in something that can light up our day and at times, even relieve us from the ever-piling life stress? After all, it is always more fulfilling when our loved ones share our joys and sorrows.

If ‘you never know what will happen tomorrow’, does not work for us, then ‘‘do it because it makes us feel better’ should.

Kudos to all those who already are good at staying in touch. And for the rest of us, it is time to say hello!

Little Things #1 – Good Morning!

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