A-Z tag – MY Tigress special!

It has been pretty long since I have done a challenge post. So, thank you Karthika for the nomination. I have done an A-Z challenge prior to this, but this is a different one. And I am adding a twist of my own by talking about the A-Z of MY Tigress, instead of mine.

Pardon me for any misspelt words in this post.

So, without further ado, here they come –

A – Always

B – Beautiful (in every way I could hope!)

C – Caring ( mom level and beyond)

D – Dreamer

E – Expressive

F – Foodie

G – Golgappe (Pani Puri)

H – Huggsie

I – Interesting (max)

J – Juve

K – Kompletes

L – Loving (extremely)

M – Mad

N – Nautanki

O -Organized ( or not?)

P – Pinky finger

Q – Queen of Hearts

R – Romantic (a hopeless one too)

S – Sweet (as sweet as a Bong sweet)

T – Tolerant

U – Understanding

V – Very smart

W – Writer extraordinaire (the most beautiful there is)

X – Xerox soul (A very colourful xerox)

Y – Yamotional

Z – Zabardast

Well, it just occurred to me that 26 letters of the alphabet are not sufficient, but then whoever discovered the alphabets must have met someone for whom 26 were sufficient. Not for me for I need more to describe MY Tigress, so some day I will create a new language or extra alphabets!

Coming to my nominations, I nominate



Thanks a lot Karthika for the tag!


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Befikre and Muskhil Dils

The last couple of months have seen two famous filmmakers trying to reinvent and adapt the romance genre defined by them two decades ago. Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil saw the director come full circle from his blockbuster debut film “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, where the protagonist played by Ranbir Kapoor finally accepts that his love will not be reciprocated and understands the value of her friendship. Aditya Chopra’s “Befikre” is a modern take on the notions of love and commitment he has built since his legendary debut film,“Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge”.


Both the films felt fresh and had a sense of maturity showing the mental growth of directors. Further, they showcased the fast and confused lives of the present generation that the protagonists live in where chastity is no longer as important and in spite of the cool, surface-deep emotions they seem to portray, the leads go through an emotional roller-coaster before coming to terms with what they really want.

On the surface, the unabashed conversations, the “act first and think later” mentality and the various partners tried out before finding the right one can feel from being morally wrong to absolutely right depending on which age group one belongs to. the depiction of present culture has also got to do with the society’s acceptance levels. A case can be made that having multiple partners has been prevalent since the time of kings and emperors. However, it was considered a right only of the rich alone. The increase in society’s acceptance levels over the centuries has thrown much-needed light on it and the current movies reflect that.

However, on looking deeper, in terms of emotions, the present two films are not much different from those 90s classics. Yes, the present movies do not have classic starts and the leads are at various mental stages when they meet. We travel with them as they embrace their turbulent emotions and finally settle at a common mental wavelength. The reality is that this is the only main difference between the old and the new. If we look deeper, the feelings of love, friendship, heart-break and separation are experienced the same way as in the past.


The joy in finding love, the sense of realization and the angst of a heart-break are felt in exactly the same way no matter how much the cultures have changed and how much cooler people seem to be. This is because love is truly universal. Times change, cultures change, but be it Shah Jahan, or Raj/Rahul or Ayan/Dharam or us, true love always works the same. The same applies for the female protagonists as well. There is a scene in “Befikre” where Ranveer asks Vaani Kapoor whether she is waiting for her date to palat as he walks off in an obvious nod to Adi’s DDLJ. Vaani replies such things happened in the 90s and that she was just checking him out. However, towards the end of the film, she does palat, which proves the point. In being able to portray that while showing the superficial changes of time, both Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra have reinvented themselves.


Another interesting tidbit is the casting of Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor for the roles. The energy and enthusiasm of Raj is seen in Dharam and the more subtle and romantic Rahul is seen in Ayan. In essence, they are playing Raj and Rahul, the only difference being the present ones are more evolved.

To conclude, love finds new forms and helps build new stories but love in its truest form never changes. It only becomes “old wine in new bottle” with time and the films depict exactly that.


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I miss the piercing gaze from those almond eyes,
I miss the soul-stirring elixir that is your voice,
I miss those luscious lips that ignite passion,
I miss the ruffled hair inimical to me brewing a concoction,
I miss the puppy face that makes my heart melt and bare,
I miss the familiar touch that accompanies me everywhere.

I miss you.


Beautifying beauty!

When He saw for the first time, It looked so perfect, smooth and slender. There were a number of things He credited God for, and there definitely were a few similar instances He heard of, but this was the first time He was actually experiencing it.” So simple and yet so exquisite”, He remarked to himself.

In front of the mesmerizing almond-y  gaze, He would always miss it. The grazing of the long locks of Aphrodite against His face makes Him almost forget It’s existence. The  doorway to Her soul’s schloss lures Him away from It into countless puzzles of love.

But like a pawn on the chess-board, like the roots of a tree, It lives for a pertinent purpose that defines every being’s existence. However, on Her, the most beautiful sculpture in His eyes, It looked so beautiful and yet something was amiss. Something that not only preserves the nimble perfection , but also adds an extra touch of beauty to It.

Finally they had found that added touch, together. Melt in the forge of purity and crafted by the master craftsman himself, it fit seamlessly making the sculpture finer than finest, more beautiful than He had ever seen Her before and making Him fall in love with Her, again.

21 Things I love about you!

On the eve of your 21st birthday, I just feel like listing out 21 things about you, that I absolutely love and adore.

So, here we go –

  1. The way you are bold!
  2. The maturity you possess which is beyond your age!
  3. The love with which you scold me!
  4. Those huge and deep eyes!
  5. Your intricate and smooth handwriting!
  6. Your gorgeous hair!
  7. The confidence in your spoken and written English!
  8. The way you love your mom.
  9. The way you fiercely protect your sibling.
  10. The way you love your friends no matter what.
  11. The way you queerly love animals.
  12. Your love for the clouds.
  13. Your love for forests.
  14. Your love for sleep.
  15. Pani Puri!
  16. Traveling in all forms!
  17. The spirit of sport in you!
  18. The rare ability to be happy for others 🙂
  19. Battle scars – So Cool!

Okay, here are the final two!

20. The way you write!!

21. The final one is the biggest thing about you I absolutely love – Your ever-loving heart! The best thing ever!!

P.S. 21 is too less a number to fit all in! The rest will keep on coming at various times down the line 🙂

Keep Writing! Keep Loving!

Live Free and Love Hard!