The superhero bug bit me quite early in my early formative years. Amidst all the colourful costumes, mind-boggling powers and twisted realities, I found my hero in a certain Caped Crusader wearing a black costume and possessing the power of being “just a human”, albeit a highly trained and motivated one.

At that point of time, being the only superhero who did not have special powers appealed massively to me and I became an instant fan. Watching the 80s and 90s films, the legendary animated series in the 90s, the group ensemble Justice League in the 00s and reading any comics I could lay my hand on, I imbibed the superhero spirit of choosing the good path despite everything for that is what makes a hero.

batman 1

As the years added on and thoughts matured, when one can start thinking beyond the superhero stuff, came along a phenomenon that forever etched the Bat into my heart. It was a three-part trilogy by one of the greatest directors of all time, Christopher Nolan, and the movie captured the essence of the Dark Knight like never before.

Although the second part is the much more acclaimed movie, for me the first part, “Batman Begins” drove home what it means to be Batman and the madness started evolving since then. In fact, the series put forth how anyone can be a hero and therein lies the durability of superheroes across centuries.


A hero is anyone who chooses the good path despite everything and not because of everything. The powers are present to show different perspectives, the villains exist to portray different scenarios and the story works towards finding the solution in each scenario, which is not so different from our lives.

What started as a source of time-killing, turned into an inspiration and now it motivates me in every situation I face and has made me a slightly madder, yet better human.

Bat-Mad© Forever!

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The Child in you!

Every individual has some of their maddest and best moments as a child. No matter how silly it might sound now, those moments felt sprightly, thrilling and even heroic at times. The crazy feats, the sweet gestures, the unabashed love, the unapologetic impersonations and the countless dreams are integral to one’s younger years. And then on reaching teenage, one is forced to “grow up” – a phrase that has no fixed meaning and evokes varied thoughts in every individual.

“Growing up” invariably ends up curbing the individual’s million dreams to pursue a successful career, to control the madness in order to look mature and a whole host of things making one resemble a perfect person in the society.

Yet, over the years, a cloud starts darkening within. A cloud that does not rain away no matter how much success one achieves, building an internal storm that rages for years. That is the storm caused by the “little child” inside. That “little child” which defines the core of the individual. That “little child” yearns for those tiny moments, tiny cravings, tiny moments of madness which actually make a person feel alive.


When one is truly alive, is when life is truly lived. When life is truly lived, is when one experiences fulfillment and happiness – the actual feelings every individual needs, is when the clouds rain away to unleash the pristine dawn of the sun.

In order to do that, one always got to keep the child alive – a line that we hear hundreds of times. However, just like “growing up”, “keeping the child alive” has different implications for different people. All it means is to do not stop doing the little things that give little joys no matter how old one becomes. As kids, life is simple, thoughts are pure, actions are honest and memories are many. It is those little moments that provide the sparks in everyone’s complicated lives. Those simple moments are what we need while we chase stars and try to become one.

A very Happy Children’s Day to one and all!

Keep the child alive and dream big! It is never too old and never too late!